Q & A:ESRI Developer Summit 2008

ESRI在要召开的开发者大会之前,给出了一些大多数人关心的Q&A,主要是关于ArcGIS 9.3 的问题。

Dear Developer:

I want to thank you for your feedback on the summit questionnaire. Please read the responses to your questions below before attending the ESRI Developer Summit (DevSummit).

Although you share many concerns with the broader ESRI user community, I also understand that, as a developer, you have some unique challenges. I urge you to share insight into your interests and suggestions with the ESRI staff at the summit.

While developing with ESRI technology will be the major focus at this summit, there will also be opportunities to share and learn about applications and successful GIS implementations. As always, reach out to those who are new to the ESRI developer community and make them feel welcome and connected.

Best regards,

Jack Dangermond

比如是否支持Visual Studio 2008,是否继续支持ArcIMS,是否支持OGC规范等等,具体详情请看这里